The Most Basic of Phone Services

Single Telephone Lines

POTS lines, also referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service or single telephone lines, are telephone lines connected by a pair of copper wires, similar to a land line in your home. With a POTS line, only one call can be made or received at a time — although additional à la carte features, such as three-way calling and call waiting, are available to enhance the existing capabilities of POTS. Your business can combine several lines into a hunt group to ensure accurate call distribution.

Unmatched Reliability

While it may seem outdated, plain old telephone service still has its benefits — the main one being that POTS phones have their own power supply through dedicated copper lines, meaning you still have a reliable backup phone for use during power outages and emergencies when everything else is down. So even if you lose power and have no connectivity through a network (i.e., no Internet or VoiP services), POTS voice service remains the viable — or even the desirable — backup technology.

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