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  • APO had an unfortunate series of bad experiences with a cloud services provider.
  • Multiple long outages and degraded server performance were enough to interrupt APO’s ability to treat patients.
  • To make matters worse, a serious ransomware attack threatened to shut them down entirely.


  • Access One started by spending a weekend fixing the ransomware problem.
  • Next, Access One optimized server infrastructure.
  • Finally, Access One went to bat for APO, fighting for regular data protection results and better management.

Protect Your Valuable Data With Managed Services That Hold Cloud Providers Accountable

With our help, APO recovered quickly from their ransomware attack. We helped them find a cloud and infrastructure provider that understood their needs and would stay accountable.

APO now has peace of mind that data and functionality is secure and that if there’s ever another attack, they’ve got the help they need to get back on track.

Because of our quick response to their ransomware attack, APO felt comfortable enough to move all desktop, server, and IT infrastructure management to us.

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Protect Your Company’s Vital Data

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Without us even signing an agreement, they did what they had to do to get us out of the attack. The first thing the Access One contact asked me was, ‘How can we help you?’ They spent the entire weekend resolving our ransomware attack.

Joanne Degennaro
Business Office AdministratorAPO