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  • DePaul College Prep needed to improve its wireless infrastructure to succeed their newly implemented 1-to-1 project.
  • Infrastructure needed to accommodate each student having a device on school WiFi.
  • That many devices would have been a huge strain to DePaul’s network and small IT staff.


  • Access One oversaw infrastructure updates to accommodate DePaul’s ambitious new program.
  • Access One implemented technology consulting, network management, and overall support.
  • Access One trained IT staff on managing the new infrastructure and educated them on addressing new needs going forward.

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Shore up Your Infrastructure With a Flexible, Robust Network Management Solution

Every DePaul student can now use WiFi anywhere on campus, and IT staff are equipped and empowered to manage services with confidence.

We report in real-time for the school and help troubleshoot any issues that arise with the network. We step in to help when new devices need to be implemented and lend a hand with maintenance too.

We continue to partner with Steven Darschewski, Director of Technology to augment his workforce, freeing him up to focus on the big picture.

Access One, over the past year and a half, has never failed to help me better understand what’s going on and update me with the history of the building. They’ve been a knowledge base for me to better learn and complete my responsibilities. I’ve always been very satisfied with their customer service, especially in the support department. I would very much recommend Access One, whether it be inside or outside the industry. I am nothing but satisfied with their work.

Steven D.
DePaul College Prep