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  • Chicago Apartment Finders needed to support their growth to four business locations.
  • They chose a service provider to connect those locations, but the approach wasn’t working.
  • They needed to find another technology solution.
  • They needed to find better customer support and a more knowledgeable IT consultant.


  • Access One introduced Chicago Apartment Finders to virtual private networks (VPNs). A VPN was the right answer to connect the business locations, creating ease of use for file transfers and data prioritization.
  • VPN offers a lower cost alternative that is perfect for connecting their locations and ensuring the privacy of their voice and data communications.
  • Support is centralized because Access One serves as the single point of contact for all data and voice services.
  • They have a new IT consultant who was referred by Access One and who always provides outstanding guidance.

The Access One Advantage

Proof in the Numbers

Reduction in Monthly Costs

“The fact that we could save money was great. But what I think truly distinguishes Access One from other providers is that when our company was in a bind, they not only provided solutions for the immediate problems but helped plan for the future. That, in my opinion, is going above and beyond and is why Access One has earned my allegiance.”

Dudley Bayne
Director of Information SystemsChicago Apartment Finders

When You Could Use More Than You Bargained For

Chicago Apartment Finders was looking for a way to make their network work, remove the inefficiencies, and stop the financial losses. But they got more than they bargained for.

Access One started with VPN, a unified and reliable network that made it easy to transfer files and prioritize data. Then, we went on to help them find the right experts, create a disaster recovery path for the headquarter’s voice circuit, and save money.

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