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Access One Brings DePaul College Prep Network Management for the Next Generation

DePaul College Prep’s 1-to-1 initiative — one iPad per student as well as MacBooks for teachers — required an improvement plan for the school's network.

The Need

DePaul College Prep was looking to improve its infrastructure in order to accommodate its newly implemented 1-to-1 project that revolved around each student having a device on school WiFi.

The number of devices about to hit DePaul's network was going to put a giant strain on the school's resources, including its department of one as far as IT resources went.

The Action

Access One put in a bid for overseeing DePaul's needs. It promised technology consulting, network management, and overall support with servicing any issues and educating employees on how to address technology needs.

The Result

Access One provided DePaul College Prep with the network management solution it needed, resulting in an increase in bandwidth capacity from 10 Mbps to 500 Mbps as well as voice and managed IT services.

Managed IT services included:

  • Network Firewall
  • Network Switch
  • Network WiFi Access
  • Server
  • Workstation
  • Datto Backup & Disaster Recovery

Access One reports on a real-time basis for the school and helps with any issues with its network and troubleshooting. Additionally, Access One also helps with the installation and maintenance of any devices.

Access One acts as a partner and resource for Steven Darschewski, director of technology for the school. With a masters in educational technology, Darschewski is able to augment his workforce with Access One so he can focus on strategic and technical initiatives for the school.

“Access One, over the past year and a half, has never failed to help me better understand what’s going on and update me with the history of the building. They’ve been a knowledge base for me to better learn and complete my responsibilities. I've always been very satisfied with their customer service, especially in the support department. I would very much recommend Access One, whether it be inside or outside the industry. I am nothing but satisfied with their work.”

Steven Darschewski
Director of Technology
DePaul College Prep

If you’re ready to improve your infrastructure with a network management solution that will meet the demands of your ever-changing business, contact Access One. We’ll provide you with the managed IT, cloud-based solutions, and expertise that you need.

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